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David Cutter


Very sound.  Please keep us posted on further developments.  I have a friend in this situation and your method has given me some clarity and a way forward for him. 

David G3UNA

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I am following this thread with interest as I am faced with the prospect of having to move into “assisted living” accommodation myself in the next 12-24 months. I was wondering how to broach the subject of outside antennas before taking up residence. I have two or three sites to choose from, all run by the same housing association. It seems to be a habit of local councils to only want to deal with one organisation within their jurisdiction. This does not allow sites to differentiate themselves, does not allow freedom of choice or tariff.


We are facing an ageing population and many of us will face the prospect of downsizing at some point in our lives. Whether you just buy equipment or enjoy making, these activities can mostly be carried out in relative stealth even in a one bedroom flat. I understand that even a 1m loop can be operated quite effectively indoors.


The biggest problem is always going to be outside antennas. To my knowledge, no one has produced health an safety information about hobby antennas and this I would like to see. I started to produce a method statement for a TV installer to use to install my “odd” antennas. He rose to the occasion, discarded his usual cheap Rawlbolt imitations and brought along something far superior, which he kindly supplied FOC.


These problems are also faced by other folks living in other types of flats and I think four documents should ease their concerns.

  1. A health and safety document
  2. A method statement endorsed by a firm of reputable installers that will include cable in/out arrangements, including provision for removal at the end of the tenancy.
  3. A document of best practice. (Back in the 90’s there was such a book for TV satellite dish installers recommending all dishes should be “at least two drunks high”! Good advice.
  4. A “public liability” insurance certificate covering any risk your installation might pose to the public, other tenants, and to the building.


I’m going to research these aspects more but to protect ourselves, we could show extracts from our logs covering broadcast and amateur activities which are openly public and backed up with reception reports and QSLs. It would also be worth mentioning that anything we shouldn’t be listening to is already digital and encrypted.


I think it is worth mentioning that the RSGB has a planning committee and it maybe that a local rep might be able to help. Worth joining even if you are just an SWL – a potentially valuable benefit.


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Hi. Chris.


Thanks ever so much for your reply I think its really good of you to write on my behalf.

The manager isn't based on site she just pops in now and again, all I have to contact her is a telephone number. Think the the best idea would be to write via myself. If you wish to adress by name its Sandra Farrell.

Have been thinking of the possibility of taking legal action. Have you ever come across anybody taking that road.


Thanks again




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Hi Gordon,

Sorry to hear about your brush with officialdom. I have a relative who lives in a retirement flat and it's the same for her. Anything out of the ordinary or not easily understood is not tolerated.

I can send you a letter or an email explaining what a loop antenna is and how it works in Health and Safety terms.

What's best for you and email of a letter sent via the post?

For extra detail what type of receiver are you using?






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