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David Cutter

I agree with John's sentiments, we seem to live in a society of suspicion and litigation for the slightest thing someone might point at.  

Having said that, you need to establish that you are not transgressing any clauses in your tenancy agreement and I presume that means getting permission to put your gear where you want it, if it's outside your flat.  In my mind's eye I see a long cable from the loop to your indoor kit and further source of potential complaint.  If it's a cable then it carries electricity attitude.  Unfortunately, ignorance is often more powerful than reason and I'm sure you don't want to get embroiled in argument.  

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David G3UNA


On 30 July 2020 at 14:04 Jim Smith G0OFE <sdr-radio@...> wrote

What an absolute crock that letter is.

If it's your antenna, then it's your responsibility, not theirs.

Out of interest, what are you using the loop to listen to? ( I know it won't be the young couple at no. 42 shagging each other's brains out.....)

If you're listening to amateur radio signals, then thats a strong argument, easily demonstrable.

Won't they PAT-test your computer installation? Looks to be the obvious answer.

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On 30/07/2020 12:33, gmillns43 via wrote:
Hi. Chris.
Unfortunately I live in some retirement flats. I have now been asked to take down a loop antenna that I fixed onto the rear of a shed that been erected by a previous tennant.
Here are the reasons given word for word :-

Any fixtures in communal areas are JJH responsibility and we would not accept responsibility for this aerial attached to the shed.

The concerns around possible listening into other neighbouring conversations being a breach of data protection which is against JJH regulations.

The communal electrics need to be on JJH PAT testing (which they are not) and not be causing an overload to the plug sockets (which suggest that they are)

I think the PAT testing refers to my PC set up which is run off a multi socket extension lead. Its just a normal set up, hub. tower, monitor, speakers, printer and a small psu for the bias -tee.
Could you please explain to these people via myself the use and limitations of a loop antenna and perhaps mention the low power comsumption of a computer set up.
Many thanks



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