serial number + hdrdr

donald sedgebeer



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Reading the mail this morning, raised an interest In the serial number of my sdr-4+. It is not external that I can see?  If I require It, must I strip the box?  I purchased it second hand 2 weeks ago, without any disc, graph etc.


I also have a RSP1-A, it works perfectly with their program, I cannot get HDSDR to work on it any shape or form.  I have the same trouble with the 4+. I know that I am doing something wrong? Or could it be the computer?


I am using a ASPIRE 1 as my main computer as I like the keyboard, part of the trouble? I think , is the fact it has only stereo audio out, No mike in.  So where is the line in to go?  I down loaded the disk, and printed out the paper work for installation etc. Set up the driver but it is no go.  I watched the videos on site etc but they are not informing enough  for a hen gafr like me.  I have an older laptop that has stereo mike and audio out, but that is just as bad.


I started in the hobby in 1958, ( the year I was married) licenced in 63. I definitely was happier with a AR88 and Dx100U, and conditions were much better.


I switch my main antenna to the house to listen to the fists and skcc frequencies' as I must spend a loot of my time there.




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