Re: CCW Inverted-U antenna

David Cutter

Thanks for the tip, Adrian.
David G3UNA

On 07 July 2020 at 13:11 Adrian Rawlings <> wrote:

I finally cracked the 4NEC2 program.

I was despondent when, each time I ran it for the Inverted-U, I got some strange error message.

In the spirit of RTFM, I read the _ReadMeFirst file, and deep inside was an explanation. I'm
running Windows 7.1, and the internal security level was set too high. This is the feature that
sets the degree to which one process and interract with another. I set it to Minimum, and now 4NEC2

I'm posting this message in case someone else has had a similar experience with 4NEC2 and gave up.

To answer my original question, 'What is the radiation pattern like', I can now say 'Complicated,
but OK'. I've taken screen dumps of the

My thanks to Chris Moulding for pointing me in this direction by way of his intial answer.

72 de Adrian

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