Re: CCW Inverted-U antenna

donald sedgebeer

On 04 July 2020 at 12:30 Adrian Rawlings <> wrote:

I have just ordered the balun and 390R resistor unit to make a CCW Inverted-U antenna.

Has anyone experience of them?

Is it at all directional and, if so, in what way?

The design specifies two 10m fishing poles separated by 5m. At the base of one fishing pole there's the 390R resistor pack connected to earth with an earth rod. At the base of the other, there's a 9:1 balun, connected the second earth rod.

Does anyone know if these dimensions are at all critical?

Thanks in advance,


I have used one for a year or so, The vertical section is a minimum of 5 metre and the top as long as you can get in. mine is 20 metre's It is directional as is all antenna, mine is n/s and fires into the middle east on 14 megs. It must be a current balun. I have had 160 metre contacts on mine. The only answer is try it.

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