Paul Newland

Hi All
I'll keep this short.
I am a virtual know nothing, but am currently using the CCW HF/VHF loop antenna amplifier, powered by an SDRplay RSP's Bias-T.
The head unit is attached to a 1M aperture, square copper pipe (15 MM diameter), mounted close to (circumstnces) a Wellbrook ALA1530LN on the same approximate orientation, at a height of around 1.5M above ground level,
I also have a 20M, end-fed longwire at about 7M agl (strung  approximately N - S.
The attached image provides a fair comparison of their relative performance in the prevailing conditions this morning, about 130M up on a South-facing hillside in South Devon.
Noise figures not shown as I haven't the screen space to permit with all three RX's running, However, the general SNR's from best to worst, are 1. Wellbrook, 2. CCW (but often a bit of a toss-up with "1" and lastly, 3. The longwire, which, using an ae tuner provides the strongest signal.
Best Wishes

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