Paul Gulliver

Hi Chris,

As you know from my previous posts some weeks ago I will have to disagree with your 1st statement, I done all the mods and was disappointed with the results and the CCW amp is now confined to the surplus draw.
I continue to use the MLA-30 although I have to admit I do get a lot of QRM, whether is directly related to the poor amp or not I can't say.

Regarding your 2nd statement, first I should say I know nothing about the theory behind loop amplifiers, but I don't understand how the amplifier (mounted on the loop itself) can filter out C/M noise and signal present on the coax when the coax is on the receiver side of the amp - I must be missing something here.

Perhaps one day I give the CCW amp another go and get better results


On 16/03/2020 at 18:02, Chris Moulding <chrism@...> wrote:
You will see a difference on HF after you have done the upgrade.

The reason that the any loop used with the Loop Antenna Amplifier is directional and has deep nulls is because the common mode noise and signal present on the coax cable is correctly filtered out before it can reach the amplifier.

The MLA-30 is quite poor in it's common mode rejection so that noise and signals picked up by the coax effectively fill the nulls.



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