Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

I think you might be missing a point here. The fact that your CCW loop is very directional is one of the main points of its use. The MLA-30 is not directional therefore picks up signals from every direction, therefore combining all the signals and perhaps sounding louder. It’s a bit unfair to compare the two if you haven’t performed the necessary upgrade. You’ve not mentioned the receiver you are using or the type of signals you are trying to receive.

I don’t own either of these loops so have no axe to grind either way.



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Sent: 16 March 2020 16:19
Subject: Re: [CrossCountryWireless] HF LOOP


I never had much luck with my VLF/HF unit. I tried it with the included wire and a 1m wide copper loop. Like many others with the MLA-30 I found the MLA-30 to out perform the CCW loop on Shortwave. Added to that I found the CCW loop very directional and I was forever messing around with the orientation to tune the signal. I don't have to do that with the MLA-30. This is a big deal for me. I have the MLA-30 fixed onto the back of a chair in my bedroom next to the window and I rarely need to move it to improve a signal. Clearly it does work well for many. Initially my CCW loop outperformed the MLA-30 below 7 MHz but a quick fine tune of the pot on the MLA-30 quickly fixed that. I have not yet done the upgrage mod on my CCW. I'll do that before finally giving up hope!

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