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I just received my HF preselector. It included a power connector cable without power supply. The connector is either not the correct size, or it is really, really tight, so I have not tried to force it on. In any case, reading the specs on the CCW web site, it appears the unit needs  12 mA from a 12 - 15V DC supply. Does anyone in the group (preferably a user in the United States) have a recommendation on what to purchase, assuming a power supply is required? My simple searches for a power supply that meets the specs produced no results. The best I can come up with is something like this:

and it has an output of 1.2 amps, well above 12mA.


I have one of this exact supply, bought on Amazon.   I use it for "smoke-testing" newly-built gadgets, GPS receivers, soundcard  interfaces, etc.  Since the current is far more limited than the nearly unlimited amps of my main ham shack supply (20A 12 VDC supply in parallel with Exide 120 AH 12 VDC trolling motor battery), the potential for smoke and fire from mis-wired newly-built devices is obviously far less!   

The flexibility of choosing a range of voltages (3 VDC or 5 VDC for GPS devices, 8 VDC for powering many hand helds, 12 VDC for TNCs & sound card interfaces, etc) is great.  In addition to the various size coaxial tips, it also comes with a "tip" that has simple + and - screw binding posts on it.  I connect this one to a short length of red/black zip cord to a pair of Anderson PowerPoles.  I can then use it as a low-current battery maintainer.

So far I have not noticed any noise problems on HF with this supply.

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