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David Cutter

At that current I would be tempted to run a pack of AA cells for the ultimate quiet power supply.  I doubt you will find a "modern" power supply as quiet.

David G3UNA


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Be careful the power supply you get does not create EMI or RF interference noise ... it will kill the signal 

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I just received my HF preselector. It included a power connector cable without power supply. The connector is either not the correct size, or it is really, really tight, so I have not tried to force it on. In any case, reading the specs on the CCW web site, it appears the unit needs  12 mA from a 12 - 15V DC supply. Does anyone in the group (preferably a user in the United States) have a recommendation on what to purchase, assuming a power supply is required? My simple searches for a power supply that meets the specs produced no results. The best I can come up with is something like this:

and it has an output of 1.2 amps, well above 12mA.

Suggestions? Many Thanks all. you.


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