Re: Loop Antenna Amplifier - Service Bulletin 4 - HF performance improvement

Roger Need

Paul Gulliver wrote

A quick update of my setup, a 1.1m dia loop from 8mm dia copper, using the CCW bias tee for all tests. Receiver is a RSP1A with a 10db 50 ohm attenuator on the input (as recommended in a previous post for matching purposes).
You don't need the 10 db attenuator on an RSP product because it has a 50 ohm input. Chris was referring to the Airspy when he suggested this.  You will see your signals go up on the RSP by 10 dB when you remove it.

Chris does not publish his design but most active loops have about 25 to 30 dB of gain.  You can use less than that but then the receiver will probably need more sensitivity in order to have the same Signal-to-Noise ratio.


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