Loop antenna amplifier - new HF/VHF version

Chris Moulding

As you might imagine I've had a lot of feedback from customers and potential customers since we released the Loop Antenna Amplifier.

The feedback covered three main areas:

Can it use a bigger loop than 1m diameter?
I don't want to listen at VLF. Why can't it cover up to VHF like your earlier loop antennas?
Can I buy the head unit on it's own? I've got a SDR receiver with a 5V bias-tee built in.

As a result we have now released a HF/VHF version of the Loop Antenna Amplifier.

This covers 500 kHz to 150 MHz at the -6 dB points and can be used with wire loops bigger than 1m diameter. It has a 50 ohm input impedance to better match larger inductive loops so it can also be used as a very low noise (0.79 dB noise figure at HF) pre-amp with VHF dipoles or yagis.

We can now also supply the HF/VHF amplifier head unit (or the base unit) on it's own.

We have some stock of them so we can ship immediately ready for Christmas.

More information on the web page:




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