Re: Loop antenna amplifier upgraded

David Cutter

Hi John

I might have missed something along the way and I'd like you to fill me in: I think you are talking about a transmitting loop marketed by Martin Lynch, of several that he advertises and are quite expensive.  Would you put me straight on that?  Which loop did you buy?


David G3UNA


From: [] On Behalf Of John
Sent: 09 November 2019 15:50
Subject: Re: [CrossCountryWireless] Loop antenna amplifier upgraded


Hi Chris and all,


Yes, the MLA Chinese loop is ropey (maybe rope would make a better antenna). Got one a month or so ago, tried it once and have now archived it !

Got to solder the 82pF caps on the CCW loop boxes before I start experimenting.

Waiting for better weather down here in Somerset and my eyesight to improve !!

Will be using it with the SDR 4+, my receiver of choice.


John M0CVB.


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