Re: Low cost loop antenna - your thoughts please

David Cutter

One of the issues not appreciated by a lot of folks is that on some bands there are very large signals coming in at night which can easily overload a receiving system.   The resulting distortion might not be immediately obvious to many, unless you do a side-by-side test.  As a user gets more experience of band conditions they may become more critical and desire something better.  I went through this as a short wave listener.

I think £50 for one of your units is a bargain:  Buy cheap, buy twice, as they say, which is ok but it's the inconvenience of chasing around that's so time-consuming and always happens at the wrong time.  Fit and forget is far preferable. 

David G3UNA

On 18 September 2019 at 18:50 Chris Moulding <chrism@...> wrote:

Recently the MLA-30 loop antenna has appeared on eBay and other internet auction houses.

It's a cheap antenna design from China using an op amp as an amplifier and already review show that it's easily overloaded.

As we have recently stopped production of the HF Active Loop antenna as it was taking too much time to assemble I thought that I would investigate the possibility of manufacturing a loop antenna similar in price to the MLA-30 but with a far higher performance.

I've already got a prototype working and tests today show that it works very well. Just using a wire delta with 60cm sides I can hear the Anthorn time signal at 60 kHz, long and medium wave and HF and before leaving the workshop this evening listened to the local radio club net on 1953 kHz. No overload was heard even from the strong medium wave stations at the workshop location.

If we put this into production it would have a target price of £50 ($62.5 US or 56.5 Euro) plus shipping.

The antenna would be built into an ABS box with an RF connector and the base unit would be a PCB with USB DC feed and two RF connectors (antenna and output).

A user would have to supply their own loop (wire, tube etc) and coax feed between the two units.

I'm interested to hear comments about this. Is it worth going ahead with it?



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