Re: Active antenna overload close can you go?

WQ2H <wq2h@...>

Hi All,

Apples to oranges, but for comparison on the LF/MF side:

I have a CCW vertical (monitoring 137) mounted about 15 meters away (12 meters off the ground) from both of my Tx vertical antennas, one for 137 and one for 475. I also use the SV1AFN pre-ampĀ  just before the receiver.

The 137 is on an RF switch so when I Tx 137 (and switch from CCW to vert - 400W TOP / ~500mW EIRP) I really don't know what happening, other then the CCW red LED stays lit as usual and there are no disturbances on the 475 waterfall.

When I Tx 475 (100W top, ~1W EIRP) the 137 receiver again seems oblivious - nothing on the waterfall that indicates anything is happening at all.

The power levels are low, but it's nice to see no interference at all on both bands.

Jim, WQ2H / WK2XAH

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