Re: Active antenna overload close can you go?

Robert, VA3ROM

I also did HF tests using 40 m JS8 transmission @ 20 watt into a vertical about 8 m away from the CCW vertical and in this case the 20 w signal caused the antenna's protection circuit to shut off reception (at least I think that's what it does) while I was transmitting, but once I stopped things automatically returned to normal with the antenna. My SuperSID receiver which has no front end protection didn't blow up, either. I can't tell you just how many receivers I've fried because the antenna they were connected to didn't block a nearby transmit antenna RF and/or they had no RF front end overload protection, either. I think that most receivers a pretty much limited to a 10 dBm signal input before they would overload sometimes with really "bad day" results.

'm a low power digital modes operator so I never use more than 20 watts even in the low end of the solar cycle so I don't know what would happen if I cranked up the transmitter power to 100 watts. I'm not that brave! But your specs so that 150 w key down for 30 secs is still safe so it should be able to handle 100 for a lot longer.


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