Re: VLF/LF/MF/HF Active Vertical VLF Performance

Robert, VA3ROM

Atmospheric noise may S9 be DSP takes care of that as in your Argo decoding of the NDB's becuase it looks pretty noise free to my eyes but perhaps would be noisy to my ears and hard to copy. Lots of distance and lack of other types of electronic NAVAIDS and lots of distances between places means that we'll have NDB's for a long, long time up here. Most smaller northern airports have at least one so pilots can fly old school NDB approaches in bad weather using a stop watch with an an airport approach plate giving the pattern, times, and approach heights to be at.. Since they ID in Morse at 10 wpm, you still need to be able to copy code as a pilot, too! Once you get above 60 N it's pretty much a different wold in Canada when looking from above. Lots of lakes and bush and very few towns in between,  and the farther you go more and more ice and snow. GPS is only good to about 70 N, and of course compasses are totally useless because the north magnetic pole proximity.

Anyway, I use a high pass filter with the SuperSID receiver to knock down the AC 60 line noise. I don't have anything attached to the front end of the KiwiSDR yet but the VLF waterfall looks pretty clean to my eyes at least in-so-far-as the VLF beacons and that's my real interest beside WSPR beacons.


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