Re: VLF/LF/HF Active Vertical !

WQ2H <wq2h@...>

Just another update on the 630m side (from FN32vx).

Last night was the first night I monitored WSPR2 and JT9-1 with the CCW on 630. Extraordinary activity here on JT9-1 and -2, with several stations coming in at -10 dB from well over 1000 km away. Puzzling because we did have heavy rain and thunderstorms around us last night. For a while there I thought I was watching FT8 on 20m !

In the next few weeks I should have my 630 Tx capabilities up and on the air (thanks in part to K5DNL). I will advise of any QSO's I can muster.

Chris - great WSPR2 spots on 137, I see you have several at over 1000 km. I know it's a stretch - but I will advise once the 137 beacon is back on the air.

Jim, WQ2H / WK2XAH

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