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David Cutter


I meant to add that remoting your rx antenna wouldn't have to be expensive particularly if you belong to a club (or form a club just for this) by using a remote sdr which can support several users simultaneously.  Something I have in mind for my club as most of my members suffer many noise sources.

David G3UNA


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Hi David, been trying to solve this for over 2 years and as ADSL now is common place the only cure i think is way in the future when we all have optical cable direct to the house and at 67 years old i do wonder if it will happen in my lifetime!
I have Common mode chokes on all my antennas inc long wires etc. I also have Common mode filters at my receiver and transciever.
I have a Timewave ANC-4 noise phase unit and a Timewave DSP-9+ digital filter.
I can reduce household noise to 0 but not VDSL.
I suspect the pick up is the antennas rather than the leads in.
I did do a rather interesting test last year, I built a loop on the ground - similar to a beverage but in a loop, this goes to a balun and then to a common mode choke then to the receiver via another common mode choke. half of the loop is buried about and inch due to the lanscape (paths) The noise inc VDSL went down quite a bit but the signal did too, however signal to noise was good enough to listen to weak signals previously drowned out by noise. A few amateurs near me now recieve on Hack green and tx on an antenna - remote is the only way sometimes. Tom Crosbie (G6PZZ) has an interesting point, if it were possible to convert Fibre optic for transfer.


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