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David Cutter

I agree, don't mention amateur radio but you should mention not being able to receive BBC and commercial broadcasts particularly the new digital modes. If you are not within the normal footprint of a common radio station, then you can't complain about it.

David G3UNA

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They have other things on their mind at the moment but this is something we should be writing to our MPs about regularly.

However the thing to emphasis is not amateur radio, that is very low down on their list. The thing to push is high speed digital Britain being good for the economy, good for reducing pollution by travel reduction, good for the remote care of the elderly etc.

Those are vote winners, but amateur radio is not. However amateur radio will benefit in many ways from the introduction of universal FTTP.

- Stewart/G3YSX

On 06/04/2019 17:08, leslie norton wrote:
the only cure i think is way in the future when we all have optical
cable direct to the house and at 67 years old i do wonder if it will
happen in my lifetime!

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