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David Cutter


I have no direct experience of cores breaking in cold wx, but I have heard it said that uncoated cores should be wrapped with tape or dipped to make it impervious to water and thus freezing.  I would like to know a good answer as well.

David G3UNA


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Subject: [CrossCountryWireless] Way of topic--ferrite cores



This is way of topic but I would be grateful for any advice on how well ferrite cores withstand winter conditions in the UK. Can get very cold with snow / ice etc, ok not Scandinavian conditions but cold.

I have purchased a number of Fair-Rite 31 material ferrite cores that will be used as an HF choke, that I would like to place close to the antenna. I have a similar choke in the shack but it’s not that effective hence putting another close to the antenna.

My dilemma is not not knowing if the ferrite core will crack or even shatter if we have a harsh winter. I cannot find any useful information online, so I though the group might have thoughts on the matter.

Regards to all


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