Re: Multicoupler - a seasonal peak in demand

Robert, VA3ROM

In my case Chris, it's because my KiwiSDR 4 independent receiving channels DRFS SDR (it's a pretty decent receiver, IHMO). I can connect it to my big HF sky loop and have room to add more KiwiSDR's with your 5 port multicoupler. So it's possible to have 5 KiwiSDRs on the multicoupler giving 20 simultaneous and separate receivers running 24/7/365. But, I'll just run the one Kiwi with some single channel analog and digital receivers (Softrock, RTL-SDR, FT857, Flex1500). That leaves my HF vertical free for transceiver purposes, but I'm mainly more into research and experimentation with propagation, Radio Jove, WSPR, antenna testing, el al.

Chris, you have the best bang for the buck on the multicoupler market with the 5 ports and a variety of multicoupler frequency spans. I just happened to have the need and it occurred in May, so statistically speaking, I'm totally random as to when I bought your product over the Canadian Victoria Day long weekend (21 May). I needed a way to add more receivers to one antenna as apposed to putting up more antennas inside my backyard city lot and running several coax lines back to the shack. A multicoupler is a much more inexpensive option and involves less work ;)

Hopefully, it will arrive sometime in the next week or so (Canada Customs has to have a go at it and bill me for a 13% HST -- a VAT by another name -- still stinks the same ;).


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