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Wade Anthony <Wade.vk1@...>

Thanks Greg - That does sound like an option.

Just to be clear on my personal needs and thus why I was looking at the FLDIGI solution - I do not want a tracker that is constantly pumping out beacons as I move - It is for " I have set up camp and I am alive or, I am changing plans and diverting to X etc.

The small and non insurmountable obstacles are as follows for the FLGIDI solution:

* correctly formatting the packet 'string' for the mode you wish to use - PSK63 or MFKS16 etc.
* Checksum - this is a small 4 (I think) character block that is added to the end of the string.

Both of these can be seen if you look at the screen output for say DroidPSK using PSK-63 and the APRS macro or decode using FLDIGI on rx of some one else's packet.

Once you set up in the field you can hand type the string from a template - then the checksum needs to be added - this is static ONLY if the station is static - each location needs a new one. And I am assuming each message that contains different text needs a new one.



On 3 May 2018 at 09:24, Greg_M6ORT <r_wellington@...> wrote:
Just to conclude the discussion from my end.

I gave the raspberry pi a few more goes and then gave up.

I have got a nice z83 TV box running windows 10 that can run off 12v/1.5A so could be battery powered working.

The footprint isn't too much bigger than a Pi and it has 32GB storage and 2GB RAM which seems to be OK.  I use a similar box for my WiresX node.  For the project that M0BPQ and I have been discussing i.e. an HF Rx igate it seems to be ideal.  RAM and Processor (4 core Atom z8350) definitely ok for this.  More powerful systems exist in the TV box market, I have one running my WXSat decodes but the power draw is heavier and they're larger.

I think M0BPQ is likely to use it for testing with a CCW SDR given it is for RX only.

I'll report back on any developments / system overheads etc when signals are being received. I've just been setting up the box and APRS Messenger and VNC software. I'll be handing it over on Friday.

Not sure if this might be a portable option for someone if they're carrying a 5200mAh LiPoFe and can use a converter to get a stable 12v.

Anyhow, just wanted to conclude what I had found.

I am following the Fldigi stuff with interest.




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