Re: Has there been any successful deployment of CCW on a raspberry pi? #raspberrypi #pi #linux

Wade Anthony <wadeasmith@...>

I wonder - and am shooting from
the hip here - if in my case FLDIGI would help. We have seen how psk63 can work from say a tablet using a wolphilink ... I set the pi on fldigi, on MFSK16 using the VK 40 m settings of 7045.2 1200  , then copied the exact text my CCW broadcasts. 

See pic below. NB in the screen shot it says psk63 I changed it after the picture. 

Propergation to my regular Igate by VK2IO-63 isn’t great at the moment so I can’t test what comes out the other end or if it would be Igated.   This is done becuse I love hf aprs and CCW not as a knock to Chris who as done a fabulous job - I want to use it more but can’t - as above. 

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