Re: Has there been any successful deployment of CCW on a raspberry pi? #raspberrypi #pi #linux


With respect Stephen many people may only be able to afford a raspberry pi and may be existing on second hand or loan gear.

Personally I prefer not to tie up my decent PC hardware most of which I share with my kids doing single task work, thus the raspberry pi usage which is powerful enough for most tasks, plus the majority of my hardware is running Linux anyhow.  I also have the associated hardware peripherals in abundance and have VNC running on all my pis very successfully to allow remote working.

So... Having tried the Pi3B+ with latest Stretch, running Exagear and Wine 2.0 I can confirm it is a no go.

The settings in the main loading screen don't save in between usages on the pi, although I got round this using nano and updating the txt files manually. 

I was able to get it to TX mode eventually, but that is point at which it hung and I had to kill it from the command line.

I was able to get APRS-IS connection ok.

To be honest the best solution for someone wanting to run this as a stand alone HF RX igate for instance would be to spend a few £££ extra and get a Windows mini PC / TV Box which can be had for £75 with Windows and to which you can install the windows binaries for TightVNC to get round the lack of Remote Desktop in Windows Home Edition.  Those devices have x86 Atom Processors and can run nicely.  I use one for my WiresX HRI 200 setup to good effect and a slightly more powerful one to do WXSat work.  No Wine, no x86 emulator.

With regards to any suggestion a Pi3B+ isn't up to it processor wise I can confirm the program itself took up no more than 29% of processing time.

If I do anything for M0BPQ I'll using one of those mini Windows PCs for sure.

73 de Greg

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