Re: Has there been any successful deployment of CCW on a raspberry pi? #raspberrypi #pi #linux

Chris Moulding

Thanks for finding that, Stephen. I remember writing it but couldn't remember where it was posted. I recall one of the FlDigi developers was interested in adding APRS over digimodes to FlDigi in the early days but nothing happened.

I've tried using Android tablets for amateur radio programs but it's never really been a good experience. I now use a Linx 7 Windows 8 tablet I bought a few years back to run Windows programs reliably. I even used it recently to test the updates to the messaging routine between the main PC and the tablet.

I've used Raspberry Pi in various versions for APRS igates and a WebSDR server but all five are now in my desk drawer gathering dust. I've nothing against them but I agree it's the peripherals needed that made me look for alternatives.



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