Re: Friday Night 60-Meteers APRS Tests with "UI-Microserver"


On 4/20/2018 9:49 AM, WA8LMF via Groups.Io wrote:

Starting at 9:00 PM Friday evening US Eastern time (0100 UTC Saturday morning), I will be testing again on 60-meters APRS.

As before, I will be operating on US "Channel 5" (5403.50 KHz USB). 

[ 1400 US EDT (1800 UTC) ]

I am currently running the MicroServer on the usual 30 meter APRS channel to verify the setup with some traffic.

At 19:00 US EDT (23:00 UTC), I will switch the system to 60 meters.

Something interesting to note:   Compare the special MicroServer with my usual 30M server at <>.     I am hearing FAR more on the MicroServer.  I assume the pickup pattern and radiation angle of the 105' center-fed dipole used by the TS-2000 on the McroServer is far more favorable than the magloop I use on the normal server with the FT-851.  

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