Friday Night 60-Meteers APRS Tests with "UI-Microserver"


Starting at 9:00 PM Friday evening US Eastern time (0100 UTC Saturday morning), I will be testing again on 60-meters APRS.

As before, I will be operating on US "Channel 5" (5403.50 KHz USB). 

The new twist this time is my new "UI-MicroWebserver/Igate".   I have cram-fitted two copies of UIview, APRS Messenger and the UZ7HO Soundmodem into a USD $65 7-inch Windows 8.1 tablet.  This device has a whopping 16GB of flash memory (That's the OS and applications and data!) and a total of 1 GB of RAM. See review of this device here on my website at


Access this special server at:


Note that this is different from the usual "WA8LMF Special Events APRS Webserver" you may have accessed in the past.  If this works successfully, I can radically cut the power consumption of the web server.  The normal spec events server is running on a Lenovo M57 low-profile desktop PC and consumes about 45 watts.    The tablet-based "Micro-Server draws only 2.9 watts.

Further, the tablet is easily powered by a 12VDC power source via a standard lighter-jack 5VDC cellphone/iPad charger.  The total drain is only .25 amps at 13.8 VDC, making the device ideal for temporary in-the-field igate/digipeater operations in a car.

Here is a quick-and-dirty snapshot of the tablet, the Behringer UCA202 USB sound card, and the TS-2000 it's hooked up to.

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