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David Cutter

Sounds very interesting.  For the ultimate in portability (or long term independent monitoring) a fully battery operated system would be an advantage, so, what is required of the pc?  What is the minimum requirement for that?

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I would say that the unique feature would be the simplicity of use. As it's a DSP based receiver you don't need to run a SDR program for it to work.

For monitoring the 30m HF APRS frequency all you would need to do is plug an antenna in, plug a USB cable in to power it (or just a 5V USB battery pack for the default frequency) and connect a 3.5mm audio cable from it to the Mic socket on your PC running the APRS Messenger program. It could be left running unattended and if the PC is set to automatically re-boot after a power outage then it could be left at a RF quiet remote location if you can get an internet connection to the PC.



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