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David Cutter

It doesn't interest me, but there's a lot of competition in this area, so, is there something, other than price that gives you an edge?

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Regarding a low cost radio around $100 I'm testing a prototype of a SDR/DSP receiver based on our Sentinel 2 SDR receiver ($242) at the moment. It's running at the workshop as a receive igate, G4HYG-3.

I suppose to get the price down I could design a stripped-down single band 30m version with default start-up frequency of 10.147.6 MHz, BNC antenna input, 3.5mm audio socket to drive the Mic socket of a PC and a USB socket for power from the PC and CAT control to tune it around the 30m band and check WWV or RWM frequency standards.

Would anyone be interested? I can work out the price later today if there is some interest.



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