Re: Inverted U Antenna

David Cutter

Thanks, Roy.  At one time or another I will have seen all of these but it's good to have them in one place and refresh my ideas of what's possible in back yard.  I usually reject a lot of such articles on the grounds of lack of space but I've learnt that changing size is mostly a matter of matching.  I like the 100ft phased array of 3 elements.  I think I can get 2 elements in, for instance but only one direction.  I like Chris's inverted U but with a bottom connecting wire it becomes a loop which I'm looking forward to putting up. 
Thanks again.  So many toys and so little time to play

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David, you might be interested in the article on Broadband Transmitting Antennas on this website.
It shows a very similar aerial and gives performance tables. 

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