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David Cutter

What isolation do you expect from the TIU 9:1 balun?

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It does look very similar to the TIU. I hadn't realised when I came up with the design that there were several other similar antennas usually intended for receive use. One interesting point is that by using a transformer it's isolated the coax braid from the earth/ground connection. The TIU 9:1 current balun does the same.It's vital to stop RF noise on the mains earth getting into the antenna or it's earth/ground system.

While it doesn't have the "gain" of more conventional LF transmit antennas the TIU does work OK on LF.

I'm currently using the TIU to have a go at the CDXC LF Challenge this month and today I'm 14th in the ClubLog listing with 38 DXCC's since 1st March. All RTTY, JT65 and JT9 digimodes on 160, 80 and 40m just a couple of hours each evening. Just listening to BD0AAI in north west China (NN42) on 80m.


Chris G4HYG

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