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David Cutter

After NARSA there is the Ripon rally on the 23rd and I'd be delighted to have you come along and show your wares.  Then there's the Cambridge rally and so on. 
Looks like a busy year for you.

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Subject: [CrossCountryWireless] Development list 2017

As there are several posts on various topics on what and when new products are coming out here's the current development list for this year:

1) Re-design of head unit amplifier for the HF Active, HF Active Vee and HF Active Loop antennas. The existing amplifier devices are now discontinued by the manufacturer NXP and all stocks exhausted. We have kept a small stock for any customer returns. I'm redesigning the amplifier to use a new silicon germanium device with some impressive specifications. It's one of the problems manufacturing today. Devices appear to be built in single batches, when they are gone they are gone never to return and it's time to re-design. Sometimes it's easier getting valves (tubes) from the 1950's.

2) HF Magnetic Loop antenna. I'm planning to have the prototype or the first batch of a remote controlled magnetic loop antenna ready for the NARSA show at Blackpool on the 9th April. This will use the 4 pin Molex connector on the rear of Icom transceivers to tune the antenna so that it's identical in operation to using a tuning unit.

3) Build a small batch of the DSP Digi Trackers. This will be done after the NARSA show.

4) Build a small batch of Sentinel 5 SDR transceivers.



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