Re: HF Magnetic Loop Antenna - prototype under test

David Cutter

Something else for you to research, Chris:  I came across a directional rx loop in an old RADCOM Nov 1991 using aluminium strip in 2 pieces with a resistance at the top join and an amplifier at the bottom junction.   This is broadband and requires an earth plane to create the directional (possibly cardioid) properties.

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I've got a lot of LDF4-50A left over from a project so that's going to be used for the next prototype with soldered lugs and brass bolts to connect to the tuning capacitor.

I'd seen a very entertaining YouTube video on the antenna before.  The manual (83 pages!) didn't attach to the email but it can be downloaded from the webpage.

For years I used to drive around in Land Rovers and G-Wagens with big roof racks, I wish this type of antenna had been about then.

True NVIS mobile operation would be excellent with such an antenna.


Chris G4HYG

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