Re: SDR-4++ dual diversity SDR receiver

David Cutter

I'm not familiar with the problem, but I wonder if summing the 2 audio outputs would still work.  I noticed when combining music stereo sources that the noise significantly reduces.

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Chris M1PTT,
the only FT1000 with diversity that I am aware off is a modified FT1000D where a modification adds a relay and enables the source for LO on the second receiver to be switched to the first Rx.

It is bad enough having the two diversity channels moving around in ones head, the last thing you want is the phase of the second LO drifting when compared to the main channel !


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Previously I was looking at transceivers that allowed receive diversity. 
If I remember correctly the only ones that phase locked the receivers were the Elecraft K3, Flex 5000 (with 2nd RX option installed) and the Flex 6700.
The Yaesu FT1000MP (all of them), FT2000, FT DX5000 and the TenTec Orion and Orion II allowed stereo receive but their receivers weren't phase locked. I saw a mod for the TenTec Orion to phase lock the receivers but since the the 2nd receiver wasn't identical in performance to the 1st the results were not as good as it could be. Tentec released an update to the 2nd receiver so it performance matched the first but I never found any info on the web about having both modifications at the same time.
I was looking for a Flex 5000 with the 2nd RX installed, but ended up getting a Flex 6300. Receive diversity is the only feature missing that I looking for in a new transceiver. The Flex 6700 was way out my price range.    

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