Re: SDR-4++ dual diversity SDR receiver

David Cutter

I think you've just thrown a firecracker into the sdr world.
the obvious next step is for folks with 2 identical sdrs to get them to run from one oscillator and the appropriate software. 

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Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2017 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: [CrossCountryWireless] SDR-4++ dual diversity SDR receiver

I hadn't realised that Elecraft had a diversity receive system.

I've just searched via Google and listened to the audio clips on N1EU's Elecraft site.  These give an identical performance to what I heard from the new receiver.

I recall thinking while I was testing it to try and make some recordings of the stereo diversity audio. I just ran out of time.

It's got me thinking that adding a second receiver in the Sentinel 5 transceiver would be very easy. Adding the extra soundcard channel into the SDR software wouldn't be so easy but I think it would be worth the effort.


Chris G4HYG

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