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Hi all,

Are we allowed to attach screen-captures in messages here on the forum?  I ask because I'm having a problem with Igate and other stuff using Cross Country Messenger, UZ7HO's SoundModem, and running Xastir alongside them, and it would a lot easier to just show screen-caps of my settings.  Everything is set up and generally working; Xastir maps stations I hear, CCW is connected to SoundModem on port 4000 and is sending AX.25/PSK63 beacons.  But, my own station isn't getting gated by others, and I can't track down the problem.  Tnx, 73

Jeff KP3FT

There is no problem attaching (or embedding) images to emails in this group.  However:

1)    The max total attachment size should be kept below a total of 5-6MB.   [Email is incredibly inefficient transmitting images or any other non-text material, since each byte of non-text (binary) files is converted into approximately two bytes of hexadecimal text for transmission, and then converted back to the original form at the receiving end. This process is invisible to the user, but means when you attach a "1 megabyte" image, you are actually generating 1.5-2.0MB of transmitted data.  Since the maximum size for a single message in most email systems (varies between hosts) is around 10MB, you should never attach/embed more than about 5-6 "original" megabytes to be safe.]

2)    DON'T SAVE screen caps as JPG images !!!!  The JPG format is only for continuous-tone images; i.e. live photos.   It achieves it's compression by looking for gradual changes (gradients) of color and brightness between adjacent pixels.   When  you attempt to save images with abrupt transitions between a limited palette of solid colors (maps, program screens, technical diagrams, B&W text, etc) as a JPG, you get a hideous bubbly blurry mess at the transitions between solid colors. This renders small-point-size type in program config screens nearly illegible. Always save these kinds of screens as either a GIF image or as a PNG.

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