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I had APRSMessenger on my phone for a long time. I was hoping that eventually an soundcard interface might be added so I could plug directly between my radio and my smartphone with a simple audio cable. It seemed to me like an obvious path. At the time I had my FT857D in my vehicle and was hoping to use 30M.

With the abundance of "outdated" smartphones it is an obvious choice rather than building a custom controller with a four line LCD display. Those were very cool at the time but the phones (even without cell access) have a lot to offer. I have paid for less cool apps and I would have gladly paid for this option. When I upgrade from my Galaxy S5, I will keep it for amateur radio projects.

I attempted to use DroidPSK but I was not successful. I was hand forming packets so I suspect I never quite got them right but it could have been propagation.

And, yes, I am an amateur radio operator.

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Fred N7FMH

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Sales had dropped to near zero since most amateurs were using smartphone apps
> to send APRS position packets rather than use radio.

So they couldn't have been RADIO amateurs ...

73, Jim

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