Update on Sentry 5 transceiver

Chris Moulding

Work on the Sentry 5 transceiver is progressing well.

It's been a long project as the hardware, firmware and the Sentinel SDR program have to work together.

The final tests of the prototype transceiver before final PCB design will be made this weekend operating during the CQ WW CW contest. I've used it over the last month on SSB and digital modes to fine tune the firmware and software and it's working very well with good audio reports.

The transceiver is nominally rated at 5W output but actually gives up to 8W from 160m to 10m with slightly reduced power on 6 and 4m. The receiver performance is excellent outclassing my collection of Icom HF transceivers.

Unlike other SDR transceivers the CW is generated directly as a keyed carrier without using the software on transmit. This allows it to transmit without any latency and can be keyed either as a straight key or by a keyer inside the transceiver firmware with the keyer speed controlled by a slider on the SDR software.

For the contest this weekend I will be using the N1MM+ contest logging software to generate the CW and key the transceiver as a straight key. I'll use CW Skimmer to directly tune the transceiver and help me decode the incoming signals. I need as much help as I can get with my CW skills! I'll also share the incoming CW spots via the Reverse Beacon Network.


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