Wiring questions

David Reina

Hey gang,

Where do you like to tie in the hot side of the wiring for the radio and the heater? On one hand it would be nice to hook them to the ignition switch so they go off when the ignition is off. However I don’t think the Ignition switch can handle the amp load. The tube radio draws a lot of juice.

Would you use a relay and then the ignition switch? Could they both be tied into one relay?

They could be tied into the amp meter but then they are always hot and could be left on.

Also what amp fuse should the radio have. 15, 20 amp?

Looking to hear what others have done.


Tim Hamblen

On my one car with a radio AND a heater I ran them off the hot side of the starter solenoid and used inline fuses for both. Yes, you have to remember to turn them off but so far not a problem.The Crosley wiring and fusing is minimal and suspect at best.I did not trust it any other way. All my other cars I have completely rewired and used 8 circuit fuse blocks on. Tuck them up under the dash where no one sees and take comfort in the fact they are safe and less likely to start a fire.

David Reina

Hi Tim,

I’ll go with your suggestion and wire them to the starter solenoid hot side.