Two Cylinder Throttle Problems

michael halloran <mikehalloran4@...>

Can anyone suggest what to check. The two-cylinder engine in my !939 Crosley runs wide open when the throttle is opened ever so slightly.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

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Jim Bollman

I changed the subject on your question since it was tacked on with Crosley of the Month, where it will be lost.

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Jim Bollman

Since you didn't get any suggestions from pre-war owners, I'll give it a try just from just the carburetor side.

Did this just start happening or have you had the carb off and just putting things back together?

I don't know how it could really go wide open when you have only moved the throttle a little unless their is something loose in the linkage or the carburetor itself. Have you taken the air cleaner off and looked down in the carb while moving the throttle with your hand? I would do this first with the ignition off and if you don't see anything moving that shouldn't be try it while running to see if the vacuum or vibration of the engine causes something to move. 


Jim Bollman

Not sure why you couldn’t just reply to my message and have it post on Crosley-Gang. 

The PreWars used a DY-1A - smaller main jet than DY9 which was used on the PostWar Crosley’s. They look pretty much this same. Many PreWars have DY9s they are easier to find. Sounds like a different carburetor is needed. Are you planning on coming to the Crosley Nationals in 2 weeks? Should be some carbs available and some PreWars experts to get info from.

I am including Crosley-Gang in. My reply to maybe get some more people to give some ideas.


On Jun 19, 2021, at 2:36 PM, michael halloran <mikehalloran4@...> wrote:

I got this engine running after 70 years in storage. The high rev occurred the first time it started and several times after that. I removed the carb again and flattened the bottom of the carb. Installed a new needle and seat for the float (which didn't work well) and started it again. Same thing. The number on the carb is DY DY 9.
Thank you for answering me. I tried to answer on line trying to get more ideas from more people but wasn't able to do it.

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