Texas Crosley

Technical Design

Hello All,

I am wanting to find some Crosley parts to add to my project. I am seeking local sources in North central Texas...close to Fort Worth but i may travel within reason.  

I have been trying to do this for some time and for the purists I apologize in advance. My project is based on Crosley parts and it was a project my father and I started so I am doing this to honor him and have fun making this a fun, Crosley scale, open wheel roadster, similar to a mini T bucket. Fast and fun.

Any recommendations for parts that reflect Crosley like, but not limited to, prewar pickup box, bumpers,  hub caps, dash, seats, all may be considered. I am putting this together in true hot rod fashion by using parts that are not perfect but can become a topic of discussion.

Thanks for any recommendations. Much appreciated. 

Best regards,