Passing of Mike Bainter

Jim Bollman

With profound sadness, I am writing to inform CAC members of the passing of a great friend and founding member of the West Coast Region, Mike Bainter on Sunday February 21.
To know Mike, was also to know that one had a friend that could be counted on in any situation and his contributions to the Region were many and frequent.  He was an unrepentant fan of Crosley cars; and as founding father of the “Funkana”, he kept us entertained at many Meets with new innovations and games, always Crosley based of course.  His splendid (did I mention dry…) sense of humor was the source of carefully considered observations, quips, which we all enjoyed hearing, and activities that we all looked forward to participating in.  I should mention that Mike held a degree in English and a lifetime teaching credential  from UC Santa Barbara which served him well in helping manage the Region, and in his last chosen profession of law enforcement.  I had the good fortune to do a few “ride-along’s” with Mike in Monterey and was always struck by his ability to evaluate instantly the situation, envision the required response, and implement the solution in a way simultaneously professional, disarming, and “strictly business” when required.    
Nancy and Mike met at Santa Barbara and formed a loving alliance that was clearly genuine - and very successful.  We offer our sincere regrets to her; she should know that her continued involvement with the Region is welcomed, and really required if she so chooses. 
There are no plans as yet to commemorate Mike’s life well spent.  But I’ll be in touch when more is known.

Both Nancy and Mike never wanted any memorial service or funeral; they wanted gatherings of people to listen to music, to eat, to raise a glass of cheer, and to enjoy being together listening to their stories of Mike.  Initially, Nancy wanted to gather anyone who wanted to share their favorite stories to meet at the decided place depending on the size of the group on his birthday, April 5th.  With the pandemic, she felt next year would be better for all even with vaccinations. There very well could be more than one gathering place because of the many people who have expressed their desire to attend.  So, whenever and wherever the Region members meet in 2022, Nancy would like to offer a toast, a story, and if anyone would like to join in at that time, she would love to hear those favorite accounts so she can make a copy for herself as well as for others who would like to have the group memento.  
Rick Alexander