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Ron Frost

To comply with the sites request, I read this after I sent the first post.  
My interest in Crosley is somewhat unrelated as far as a complete automobile. I have 2 Power King , Economy tractors that I have replaced the original Kohler single cylinder air cooled engines with Cast iron 4 cylinder Crosley engines. Te Power King tractors were mfg'ed. with a T-82 Crosley engine and clutch assembly so connecting was no problem. The engines being somewhat longer and requiring a radiator took some changing. Now where do I find room for the gas tank and battery. Got the gas tank part solver but now the battery. A 6 volt car battery is large and there is no good place to put it. This is why I'm considering a motorcycle battery and wondering if it would turn the engine. 
Once I figure out how to post pictures I'll send some through.  
Ron Frost