New club

"deanwst" <deanws@...>

Hi guys,
I don't want to pay for any groups. I'm a member of about 70! I
closely follow 10 or 20. This is one.
I don't own a Crosley yet, although I do currently have my eye on
one. I'm here to learn, the same as on quite a few other clubs.
There is an easy way to avoid the advertising!
When you open the club page, click on messages, then click on expand
messages when the messages page comes up. You get a page of messages
listed (like digest form e-mail) without any ads. If I want to reply
to a message, I go to the specific number of message and reply. No
advertising to read messages.
I hope that if the club moves, this club site will stay up for those
that aren't moving! I am really enjoying the learning experience.
By the way, if any of you are interested seeing some really cool
Italian bodied, Crosley powered race cars check out the Bandinis from
the 50's. Here's a little write up:
Scroll to Bandini and click on the link. Neat stuff.