Looking for Crosley beauty rings

Dave Shipman

Looking for some nice stainless steel beauty rings for the mini rod... any leads would be greatly appreciated. 
 Anyone purchase those chinese mooneyes rings? How did they work out? See the link below. Sorry I’m missing the nationals, I’ll make it one of these years! Everyone have fun!!

Tim Hamblen

They won't fit Crosley wheels. Several have tried the different ones being sold. OEM Crosley beauty rings were chrome plated and getting rare as hen's teeth.

Dave Shipman

Well I know a lot of people tried the beauty rings from Mike’s hubcaps- I’m one of them, but someone mentioned the mooneyes one’s a few months ago but at that time- nobody had ordered a set from them to see if they fit. Guess I’m wondering if anyone out there has specifically tried this brand- ANYONE?
Thanks for the replies!!