Learning curve

"imakarknut" <karknut@...>

Hi Crosley gang: We are learning much about our little car by
driving her and also by reading the many messages that are posted on
the group site. Thanks. Now we are looking for inside sun visors
for the '48 station wagon. I noticed there are holes where they can
screw in so there must have been some available or aftermarket. Also
Service Motors doesn't have any air filters and ours looks like it
could use replacing. Any ideas? And finally, last weekend we drove
the little car about 60 miles to and from a car show. She ran fairly
well once warmed up but on the way home she acted up. Since my wife
was driving I only learned about what was happening from listening to
her (I was following her in our '51 Kaiser). The car began to lose
power and the only way she was able to keep it going was to pull out
the choke. It lacked power on hills especially. We did get home and
I have fussed with the adjustment on the carb (it was just rebuilt)
but it still seems to not run right. Could she have been
experiencing vapor lock? I noticed that when the engine was hot,
there was little gas visible in the fuel filter but when the engine
has cooled down, it was full. Any leads would be welcome! Thanks!
Steve & Carol Turner