Hop Up The First 12 issues (book)

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I bought a copy of this book last evening.Crosleys are mentioned in
in several times,including two photos of a crosley special racing at
Pebble Beach.
I understand this magazine was once published by Road and
Track magazine.The early issues covers street rods,sports
cars,motorcycles and boats.
It has some ad's that has Crosley speed parts.On page 101
the editiors have a paragraph titled "Crosley the poor mans Merc."
We've been wondering why someone hasn't gone after some of the
international and american speed records with a streamedlined
crosley.Here is a rugged short-stroke overhead cam engine,with all
the ingredients to be a real winner.It suprises us that some of the
timing association's members havn't turned out some international
class h streamliners."goldie"Gardners159mph record isnt far out of
reach,and the 24 and 48 hour records are 76.30 and
64.10mph,respectively.The 5 mile record is only 128.08mph.Crosley
parts are very reasonable and blowers areaviable,and the know how is
here in the u.s.Let's show that we can do it!Bonneville is right in
our own backyard. Oct 1951 issue....