Hershey Get Together

Jim Bollman

From President Dave:
We are going to do a Crosley get together at Jim Bollman's flea market space CI 8-10 on Thursday Oct. 7, at 11 am.  It would be nice if you were a Crosley Club member but all interested in Crosleys are welcome (we can sign you up there).  Please contact me at tmkldwwj@... if you are going to attend so we can be sure we have enough food!!  
      Dave Anspach

Jim PS: My spot is on the south side of the lower Chocolate field. Look for the Red Canopy with Crosley banners and the Crosley flag flying. For those that have been to my spot in the past, I retired the 30 foot long canopy, too much to haul and put up these days so down sized. Still using Crosley blocks to hold down the front of the canopy.