Group Survival Tips

"Jim_Bollman" <Jim@...>

A few tips I have learned to make Groups easier to take.

You can setup your membership to mail you the messages instead of reading them off the board. This can be individual messages or a daily digest of messages (No Ads)

You can answer or post messages by sending eMail to (No Ads)

If you want to read the messages online, go to the message page and click on Expand Messages. This shows you multiple messages at the same time with minimal ads.

For Photo viewing - Go to the photo page and click on List on the left side. The default sort on the list mode seems to be in order of the last item loaded with the newest items at the bottom. You can look at the Last Modified date to see if anything has been added since you looked the last time.

The Chat window seems to take up more space with stuff we don't need than the old club chat room, so make your browser window as big as possible before starting the chat session. This should give you a better viewing area. On my computer if I resize after starting chat it has to restart the chat software and I loose my connection to the chat server.

You can customize your chat session in the preference dialog, it is one of the icons at the bottom of the chat window above where you type messages. Set the auto-away to a large number like 70 minutes.

If any of you found other good tips please pass them on.